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Appellate Litigation

Taking on a specialized and difficult action such as an appeal requires knowledge and experience that few attorneys can provide.

Collection Litigation

We at Owen & Fazio, P.C. understand that one of the most frustrating aspects of business is the collection of outstanding invoices and debt.

Employee Benefit Plans

Expanding your international business into the United States is an exciting but sometimes daunting venture when it comes to the ...

Family Law

Owen & Fazio is a small firm with attorneys who serve clients in simple and complex divorces.

Medical Litigation

With each passing month, states such as Texas are seeing more and more people who are no longer able or are unwilling to ...

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases encompass a wide array of incidents from motor vehicle accidents to slip and fall cases, from workplace injuries ...

Premises Liability/Consumer Litigation

Owen & Fazio, P.C. has a long and successful record of defending our clients in consumer litigation and premises liability litigation.

Transportation Litigation

Being home to some of the biggest transportation companies in the world and having the second largest population among the United States ...

Workplace Injury/Labor Litigation

Nothing can cripple a business like a problem from within. Today's employers are faced with a multitude of claims, not just from clients but ...


Achieving Success in Any Area with Us

Owen & Fazio PC. was established to provide cost-effective legal representation and a special relationship with clients that cannot be found in large firms. We understand the importance of maintaining relationships with our clients but also welcome the opportunity to establish new client representations. 


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