More than lawyers,
we are strategic partners.


Appellate Litigation

Taking on a specialized and difficult action such as an appeal requires knowledge and experience that few attorneys can provide. Many smaller firms are hesitant to take on the responsibility that is necessary to successfully win on appeal and outsource the case to much larger firms when it moves from one courthouse to the next. We at Owen & Fazio, P.C. have the experience to stand with our partner clients as their cases move through the legal system. Indeed, one of our founding partners began his legal career as a briefing attorney for Chief Justice J. Curtis Brown of the Fourteenth Federal Court of Appeals in Houston, TX.

For a trusting relationship to exist between our firm and our clients, we at Owen & Fazio, P.C. believe that we must work as partners with our clients. Our appellate practice allows us to be there from the filing of the case at the trial court through its successful resolution at the highest levels of the judicial system. Working as partners with our clients allows us to have a superior marshalling of facts and, in-turn, provide better representation at higher levels.

As a result of our "special relationship" with clients, we have successfully represented our partners in both Texas State Courts of Appeals and at the Federal Level. In fact, our firm was founded with the idea that Appellate Practice could be provided affordably without sacrificing quality.