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Medical Litigation

With each passing month, states such as Texas are seeing more and more people who are no longer able or are unwilling to provide quality health care because of increasing litigation and rising insurance costs. Because recent years have seen an explosion in health care related claims, many of those who were counted upon to be there for their patients have been simply forced out of business or out of state.

While legislation has moved to stem the loss, we recognize that our health care providers will always require counsel and protection from frequent litigation. A cornerstone of our firm is our medical malpractice defense. We have litigated medical negligence lawsuits on behalf of insurance companies, physicians, multi-specialty practice groups, hospitals and other health care providers. We also provide legal representation to parties involved in medical device and drug products liability lawsuits. Mr. Owen has represented hundreds of healthcare providers accused of medical malpractice in courts across the states of Texas and Oklahoma for the last sixteen years.

Our spotlight in this practice area is on "maintaining focus". Our small size allows us to focus on building a relationship with each individual client, something that is seldom done at bigger firms. Our clients are kept up-to-date and a part of the process. This gives our partners peace of mind and they can in-turn, focus on their patients.