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Premises Liability/Consumer Litigation

Owen & Fazio, P.C. has a long and successful record of defending our clients in consumer litigation and premises liability litigation. Changes in the legal environment have led to a sustained increase in the number and variety of legal challenges to the business practices of our clients.

We have the ability and presence to handle consumer and business practice issues, whether it be for a sole proprietor or a large retail corporation. Our extensive experience includes litigating consumer and business practice claims such as premises liability for automobile retailers, manufactured housing retailers, and commercial landowners. We are also familiar with complex issues dealing with the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and Texas debt collection statutes. Our small size, however, allows us to provide experienced representation to commercial and residential land owners for "slip and falls", dram shop claims, and cases involving security issues.

We understand that businesses of all sizes face many of the same challenges from consumers. Our small size and focus allows each client to get unmatched attention. The special relationships we create with our clients allow them to get back to the business of business.