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Workplace Injury/Labor Litigation

Nothing can cripple a business like a problem from within. Today's employers are faced with a multitude of claims, not just from clients but also from those brought by employees associated with workplace injuries. The task can become even more complex when the intricate and multifaceted legal system of Texas is factored into each of these claims.

Our firm's small size allows us to focus our efforts for our clients' needs. By keeping our practice small, we can offer continual support at affordable levels to companies seeking to prevent problems from occurring and those companies that seek help when business is crippled by internal troubles.

We have long been used as the “"firm of choice"”by clients when it comes to providing legal representation for worker's compensation and non-subscriber claims. Our expertise with insurers and employers involved in administrative hearings before the Texas Workers Compensation Commission and Texas State Court proceedings is extensive. Our legal representation for businesses that choose to opt out of the Texas Workers Compensation System is a cornerstone of our practice. In fact, in the past fourteen years, Mr. Fazio has successfully represented over four-hundred Non-subscriber employers throughout the State of Texas in claims involving their employees.

By having a continuous, healthy, and special relationship with each of our clients we are able to provide security and peace of mind for the smallest of businesses to the biggest of firms.