Attorneys Who Refuse To Back Down In The Face Of A Challenge

Are owners always on the hook for dog bites?

Dogs are a popular choice for a family pet. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean that everyone knows how to properly interact with animals. Many people overlook signs that a dog is annoyed or scared, and some even go as far as to purposely antagonize these animals. These types of actions can result in dog bites. However, owners are not necessarily always at fault.

What did the owner know?

When someone suffers a dog bite in Texas, he or she may sue the dog’s owner. Successfully recovering compensation typically requires that the victim prove that the owner knew that his or her dog was prone to viciousness. A few things that might indicate a dog’s propensity toward acting aggressive include:

  • Breed
  • Size
  • History of snapping or biting

A lawsuit might even try to claim that a dog’s history of fighting with other animals could be an indication of violence, despite never having a history of attacking humans. Even being a responsible pet owner by keeping a dog on a tight leash while out and about can be considered problematic when it comes to a lawsuit. Someone who has been bitten by a dog might try to twist this action into evidence that an owner knew his or her dog might attack.

Many dog owners in Texas consider their four-legged friends to be more than just pets and instead think of them as members of the family. It can be devastating for a dog to be accused of being vicious or dangerous to humans. Since this can be an overwhelming experience, pet owners may find it helpful to reach out for guidance when it comes to lawsuits regarding dog bites.