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Minimizing the risk for workplace injuries

While passing on workers’ compensation insurance coverage is a great way for Texas employers to save money, many wrongly believe that it is a sign that employers do not care about workers. The reality is that most employers want to create the safest possible work environments for their employees. Here are just a few ways in which employers can improve safety and minimize the risk of workplace injuries.

Creating clear expectations

Ambiguity is rarely helpful in the workplace, and in certain situations can be dangerous or even deadly. Safety guidelines is one area in which employers should always be clear when it comes to expectations. Workers might sometimes feel overwhelmed by the addition of new guidelines, but employers can head off these associations by:

  • Clearly explaining why guidelines matter
  • Hold interactive and engaging sessions
  • Create a standardized checklist

Foster a community setting

Creating a sense of community is another great way to improve workplace safety. Employees who feel as if they are part of the same community are more likely to watch out for one another. This is especially important when employing younger workers, as they have the highest rate of workplace accidents and need the extra care and guidance from older, more experienced workers.

Despite employers’ best efforts to create safe work environments, some employees might still try to blame their injuries on the workplace. Texas employers who do not have workers’ compensation insurance are on the hook for workplace injuries, so it is important to establish all the facts surrounding an injury. Considering how much might be on the line in such a case, employers are generally well advised to speak with a knowledgeable attorney about their options.