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Are store owners always responsible for shopping injuries?

Texas business owners understand the importance of keeping customers happy. This is why among the many other practices that businesses engage in to ensure customer satisfaction, they also prioritize safety. Sadly, some customers completely overlook the safety precautions that stores dedicate time, thought and attention to, and instead blame these businesses for shopping injuries. 

What is a shopping injury? 

Shopping injury is a broad term that refers to personal injuries that occur while shopping at a store or other type of retail establishment. Shopping injuries are frequently minor and may include sprains or bruises. Unfortunately, more serious injuries such as broken bones may also occur. 

Are businesses always on the hook? 

Just because an injury happened at a store does not mean that a business is responsible. For example, if a customer ignored a wet floor sign and then slipped on a spill then he or she might be at fault for any resulting injuries. By virtue of putting out the wet floor sign, the business owner provided adequate warning to customers. Other defenses against shopping injury accusations include: 

  • The owner was unaware of the danger 
  • The dangerous condition was so obvious it was easily avoidable 
  • The dangerous condition did not cause the customer’s injuries 
  • No dangerous condition existed on the property 
  • The customer suffered an injury in an employee only area 
  • The customer acted negligently or dangerously 

Lawsuits regarding shopping injuries can be costly and time consuming. Many Texas store owners find themselves confused about where to even begin when faced with legal action. Finding the right guidance through this complicated process is often the first step toward securing the most favorable outcome possible.