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Steps to preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

Harassing and discriminating behaviors of any kind are completely unacceptable in the workplace. Regardless of the work environment, an employee’s position in the company and other factors, Texas workers have the right to do their job without experiencing sexual harassment in any form. As an employer, it is your job to train and prepare employees on the prevention of these types of behaviors and what to do if they experience it. 

Your role in the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace is critical. When you take the appropriate steps to reduce the chance of this happening in your company as much as possible, you are also taking steps to protect your legal and financial interests. A sexual harassment claim can cost your business time and money, and prevention protects both your business interests and the well-being of your employees. 

Stop it before it happens 

Sexual harassment is an unfortunate reality in many workplaces, but there are specific things employers can do that will discourage and prevent these types of events from happening. Stopping it before it happens begins with informing employees about appropriate behavior, proper work relationships, dealing with harassment and more. Some of the steps you may take as an employer to stop harassment include the following: 

  • All employees should know that sexual harassment and training is a priority for every person involved with your company, regardless of gender, position or seniority. 
  • Provide sexual harassment training that is informative and positive, allowing employees to engage with the material in a meaningful way. 
  • Provide training and information about the prevention of sexual harassment in a way that is easy to understand. 
  • Take quick and decisive action in the event that an employee reports a sexual harassment claim in the workplace. 

As an employer, it is also important to have a clear system in place that all employees will follow in case they need to report an incident. The procedure should be clear while allowing the employee to retain his or her privacy. 

If there is a claim 

If your company is facing a sexual harassment claim, it is in your interests to take immediate action to develop a strategy by which you can effectively navigate this complex and sensitive situation. It is possible to support a victim and hold liable parties accountable while also shielding the operational integrity and legal interests of your company.