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Determining if an injury is work-related

Workplace incidents can occur at any moment and there may be numerous steps for companies to take when employees suffer injuries on company property. For instance, there may be certain scenarios in which incidents that occur on a job site might not be work-related. Nonsubscriber employers in Texas may find that investigating this aspect of a workplace accident thoroughly could prove vital to preparing to properly address the situation and protect the company’s interests. 

The factors 

Studies suggest that there may be numerous factors to address when determining if employee injuries are work-related. The timing and location of the incident could be vital to knowing if it occurred while the employee was clocked in for work and whether it took place in an area controlled by the company. However, not all incidents that take place during work hours and on company property are inherently work-related. 

According to studies, incidents that occur during work hours might not be work-related if the employee was not adhering to company policies at the time. For instance, the presence of unlawful workplace behaviors such as horseplay or violation of work regulations are examples of factors that could influence whether incidents are work-related. There may also be certain scenarios in which a violation of safety regulations could also be a factor, provided the company provided sufficient safety training and actively enforces safety rules. 

The next steps 

Determining whether injuries from a workplace accident are work-related can be complex in nature, but it may also be essential. When facing similar concerns, nonsubscriber employers in Texas could consider speaking with an experienced attorney for guidance in addressing this aspect of the process. Such advice may be essential to helping a company understand its available options and prepare a strategy with which to protect its rights and interests through the proper outlets.