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Setting clear terms on acceptable workplace behavior

While some work-related incidents may stem from issues that might not be under a worker’s control, sometimes the presence of unacceptable behavior might play a significant role in accidents. Non-subscriber employers in Texas may be aware of the challenges workplace incidents can bring but they might not always know the steps to take to protect their endeavors. Setting clear terms on acceptable workplace behaviors could help mitigate a variety of safety risks and provide companies with a layer of protection should unacceptable behaviors lead to dangerous situations. 

Types of dangerous work behaviors 

One example of a step to take to cultivate a healthy work atmosphere might include setting clear terms on aggressive behaviors. Behaviors such as bullying and horseplay are types of aggressive actions that could lead to numerous types of safety concerns and prohibiting such behaviors may be integral to promoting safety. It may also be helpful to address the topic of disruptive behaviors such as unnecessary yelling and insubordination, as any type of disruption could also prompt a hazardous situation. 

Studies indicate that workers who exhibit inattentive behaviors or who do not communicate well with others may also run a greater risk of being involved in workplace incidents. Behaviors that create tension between employees can also prove hazardous at times. Prohibiting types of misconduct that may foster an unsafe work environment may prove imperative to creating a safe job environment and mitigating incident risks.   

Workplace accident disputes 

While creating thorough policies regarding acceptable work behaviors may be beneficial, this might not always be enough to keep unacceptable acts from causing workplace accidents to occur. Non-subscriber employers who face disputes stemming from similar incidents may wish to protect their future interests in the process, and they could consider speaking with an attorney for guidance on how best to achieve such goals. An attorney can examine every aspect of the incident and help a client in Texas prepare a thorough strategy with which to safeguard the longevity of the company via the proper channels.