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Defending Insurance Policyholders In Negligence Claims

Lawsuits are an unfortunate part of life for insurance companies and their policyholders in Dallas, Texas, and everywhere. While claims stemming from allegations of negligence are somewhat routine, the six- and seven-figure payouts from insurance companies do not have to be.

At Owen & Fazio, P.C., we are dedicated to providing high-quality legal defense for the policyholders of auto insurance, homeowners insurance, professional liability insurance and more. Our attorneys have a proven ability to protect the interests of the insured and can provide you with peace of mind while your policyholder’s case is moving through the legal process.

Protecting Their Legal Rights And Your Bottom Line

People who are truly injured through no fault of their own deserve to be compensated according to the terms of their policies, but excessive verdicts are far too common in our litigious society. We pride ourselves on our ability to protect the interests of policyholders and their insurance carriers in cases centered on:

The diverse experience of our attorneys and their attention to detail in preparing a defense can make all the difference in the outcome, protecting your policyholders from frivolous claims and protecting your from inflated verdicts that threaten your financial well-being.

Put Our Experienced Attorneys In Your Corner

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