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Defending Texas Employers In Work Injury Arbitration

Texas employers have the option of foregoing workers’ compensation insurance coverage. While this move provides substantial savings in insurance premiums, it is not without its complications. If an employee has suffered an injury they allege to be work-related, you run the risk of being left holding the bag if an arbitrator decides injury-related issues in favor of your employee.

In Dallas and throughout Texas, employers can turn to the accomplished civil litigation lawyers at Owen & Fazio, P.C., to protect their legal and financial interests in work injury litigation. We combine decades of legal experience with sharp litigation skills to give our clients every chance to come out on top in arbitration or trial.

Aggressively Representing Nonsubscribers

We guide Texas nonsubscribers through every phase of a work injury case, thoroughly investigating the circumstances of the injury, gathering evidence and building a case in favor of our clients. We represent employers and entities in a wide variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, energy, transportation, retail, hospitality and tourism. Our goal is to protect our clients from overpaying or becoming the scapegoat in an incident they are not responsible for.

There are numerous defenses available in work injury cases, including an injury occurring due to an “act of God,” the injured worker engaging in negligent behavior such as recklessness or horseplay, and injuries not occurring within the scope of the injury survivor’s employment. Our investigative skills are the key to our success in this complex area of Texas law. We turn over every stone to determine the root cause of injuries and build the foundation for a strong defense.

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