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Mitigating medical malpractice risks by limiting OR distractions

It may come as no surprise that even a minor medical procedure may require the full attention of all members of a surgical team. Surgeons in Texas who are preparing to perform an operation might be confident in their ability to provide a certain standard of care, but sometimes it could take little more than a moment of inattention to create a detrimental situation. As studies indicate that distractions continue to be a leading cause of surgical errors, taking steps to reduce the presence of such issues in the operating room may be integral to reducing the risks of medical malpractice claims.

Types of distractions

Anything that disrupts a surgeon’s focus during an operation may affect his or her ability to give full attention to the patient. One of the most common examples of OR distractions may pertain to playing music during the procedure, as the presence of music may draw one’s attention off the task at hand, especially if it is too loud. Surgeons may also struggle to maintain focus if other team members step away to take a phone call and the sudden absence may also place additional responsibilities on those still at work.

Studies also indicate that team members who are standing by waiting to perform their respective tasks may choose to watch videos on their phones, which can also increase the risks of inattention. Studies also highlight the risks of multitasking during operations as performing more than one task may lead to a divide of attention. In some cases, surgeons may use procedures as teaching opportunities for interns and medical students and this could also affect one’s focus.

Protecting one’s future

Even if surgeons take every possible measure to provide a certain quality of care, this might not always be enough to keep allegations of medical malpractice at bay. Since the outcome of a similar situation could have a significant impact on a person’s career and future, individuals in Texas who encounter such issues may benefit from retaining the services of an attorney for advice as soon as possible. An attorney can examine every aspect of the situation a client is facing and assist in preparing to safeguard his or her interests by creating a strong defense for use during subsequent court proceedings.