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Protecting against patient misidentification

Most medical professionals may be aware that there might be few things as stressful and intimidating as the idea of being accused of negligence. Unfortunately, there may be various scenarios in which similar allegations may occur, one of which may pertain to issues that arise due to patient misidentification. While finding ways to mitigate such risks could prove essential, medical professionals in Texas may also benefit from knowing where to turn should they be accused of medical negligence. 

Addressing patient misidentification 

Patient misidentification can occur in various scenarios and similar issues can carry disastrous results. Failure to properly identify a patient may cause medical professionals to issue a diagnosis based on another person’s medical information. This could lead doctors to place a patient on an improper path of treatment that may do more harm than good.  

Similar issues could also cause medical professionals to prescribe the wrong types of medications to a patient and medication errors can have devastating ramifications. Protecting against misidentification may also be integral in the surgical field. Preventing issues such as wrong-site surgeries or operations involving the wrong patient can prove imperative to safeguarding one’s interests and career. 

A strong defense 

Patient misidentification can carry severe repercussions and those who face allegations of medical negligence may have questions about the steps to take to protect their careers. When similar issues arise, a person in Texas might consider consulting with an experienced attorney for advice in evaluating every aspect of his or her situation. An attorney can provide a client with insight into what to expect from this process and assist in forming a strong defense for use during subsequent legal proceedings.