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What might lead to a loss of one’s nursing license

There may be a multitude of nurses who take pride in their positions and the role they play in helping care for the needs of all their patients. Those who chose to enter the profession of nursing may put significant time and effort into earning their nursing licenses and they might not want to let anything stand in the way of their careers. Understanding some of the scenarios in which nurses in Texas might be at risk of losing their professional license could prove integral to helping mitigate the risks thereof, but it could also be helpful to know where to turn should the unimaginable occur.

Factors to address

According to experts, allegations of professional negligence continue to be one of the most common causes of losing one’s nursing license. While there may be insurance policies to help shield against the financial ramifications involved with similar issues, allegations alone may be enough to diminish one’s reputation as a nurse and there may be some scenarios in which the situation could pose a threat to one’s career. Sexual misconduct in the workplace is another type of issue that might place a nurse at risk of losing his or her license.

Studies also indicate that there are some scenarios in which one’s behavior outside of work may also place a person’s career at risk. A conviction for driving while impaired or for drug possession are two examples of issues that might lead to disciplinary actions. Ethics violations, workplace bullying, and privacy violations could also trigger an investigation that could lead to the revocation of a nursing license.

Safeguarding one’s career

The idea of losing one’s professional license can be a daunting concept and nurses who face similar concerns might not always know where to turn for guidance in protecting their futures. When facing such a scenario, nurses in Texas could choose to consult with legal counsel for advice on the best course of action with which to proceed. An experienced attorney can evaluate every aspect of the situation and assist a client in developing a strategy with which to safeguard his or her career and future interests.